Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breaking away from Facebook

Iv'e decided to break away from Facebook. Initially when I began it was a way to stay in touch with all my MSN spaces friends and my children and grandchildren. Well my children broke away some time ago and the grandchildren rarely get on it any more and when they do it's usually "teenage" stuff. I have been on Facebook since MSN Spaces took their dive and it was pretty fun. I still get to see some of my msn spaces friends too. I have to say though slowly I've become sick of it. During election year there's all those ads on tv and then all those posts on Facebook. People on both sides are passionate for their candidate but I just don't want to see it played out in that forum.. every day. Then there's those that LOVE themselves and every day have a new picture of themselves..arm outstretched in an unatural pose or taking one in the bathroom mirror. I love seeing photos of the ones I love but every day? Really? Lately I had a friend I've had for over 30 years get snotty with me on Facebook, I had just woke up (not a good time to engage with me) and had to take her off my newsfeed and realized "I don't need this drama!"
Lastly I've added to Facebook, extended family, friends that really aren't very friendly or my friend because I didn't want to hurt their feelings and now my life is opened up to EVERYONE! So instead of cutting and unfriending people, because even if I did, they've friended my husband and my children AND my siblings, I still wouldn't be able to rid myself of them... phew.... I'm breaking away from Facebook!
Because I love sharing tidbits, it's my nature, and because I love my true friends I have I'm starting my blog again and ONLY inviting those that I'm loyal to. So if you've gotten my message ... you're one of them! I will leave my Facebook account open so I can check on my children's pages, check on my friends, I may even private message you from time to time but initially I'm done. So that's my beginning post, I hope some of my MSN friends can blog too so I can interact that way but I know many of you just don't have that kind of time.
So on with my blog site and being able to post once in a while without having the intruders!
On a whole other new topic.. my sleep habits have gone whacky. I'm up all night, getting up late, sleeping in weird spurts.. so hopefully can get that under control. I'm starting to feel vampirish!
It's raining here today and probably all week. Halloween will be soggy :(
I went to bed at 11 awoke at 3am.. finally got back to sleep and woke up at noon. Oh brother! Hubby must have gone hunting cuz he's not here.
So anyway for now that's all my news. I'll get back in to the swing of this blogging again and my posts will be more uplifting! So leave me a note if you read this so I can know I'm not talking to the wall. Take care...